Monday, July 31

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Thursday, August 16

Do You Want a Wealth of KNOWledge?


People [are] talking about the music business in this DAMN CITY, but very few even attempt to PUT THEIR MONEY where their mouth is. #Fact is, three-fourths of the talent here do not travel outside of the city. They either sit at home, or are on the phone, Facebooking, or Tweeting.

People always want to bring up barcode and royalty points, but these same people [that are] blowing hot air on the mic, can't seem to afford a PROMO RUN, let alone EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE promotional materials, along with a MARKETING PLAN.

What about: GAS MONEY, HOTEL, CAR, etc...?

Man, honestly, I can break most of these rappers down to the basics...and like T.I. said "EARN YOUR BARCODE!!!"

If y'all knew so much for real, then...

- Where is your "ONE SHEET" for RETAIL SALES?
- How many UNITS will your "LABEL" distribute?

You artists/rappers/performers/labels need to start working with EXPERIENCED individuals, FLAT OUT! The music industry is currently over-saturated, and its waaaaay too many of y'all that are NOT PERFECTING your CRAFT. Yet you're sitting on [top of] ALL of this "KNOWLEDGE" (that you say you have, but don't apply) just to say, speak, and tweet that you know. 

Where is your "WEALTH" of KNOWledge that is turning your LOVE of the MUSIC into some dollar $ign$?!?!? 
Ask yourself...

Written By: @Shimmy2one6
dited By: Alana King 

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Monday, March 26

Business Etiquette 101


In life mistakes happen and sometimes people have life changing circumstances intervene that a person may not be capable of controlling. Before, we as "BUSINESSES / People" jump to conclusions, maybe we as Business Wo/Men need to Over-Stand how to communicate on a a much more professional level... As A Business.

- we as people ALL spend money, but $pending money doesn't deem that your a Business to say the most. Now I do appreciate any money spent with my company and I ask that if I spend my money to be accepted on the same terms. Have I lost money as a Business, of course! It comes with doing Business, although when I did lose money I tried to give that person/business the benefit of the doubt to "SEE" what may have happened before I turned into a Judge & the Jury.

Business Etiquette should definitely be considered in this new age of Social Communication on Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. ...#239. Oft times No Reply is better suited 4 a formal gathering, rather than a stained comment left on the collar by ur lips. - {#THINK}

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Sunday, January 29

Master Self Restraint

Being a BO$$ means that you have to be prepared for any & all problems, issues, complaints, & overcome all losses while maintaining a great composure of self & dignity for others. Believe me that it takes that certain Strong Willed Individual to keep the glue together in any relationship process whether in Business or with a Mate. - A Bo$$ Knows Self-Restraint

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Saturday, November 5

My Facebook Group

Social Media, what can we say other than maybe it's really not too Social after all? The reason why I made this comment is in regards to how we as humans socially interact amongst one another in this new fashion of business & entertainment; especially in regards to the ever so popular "Facebook and its 'Groups / Pages' that we all tend to 'Like,' so much".

Everybody does everything now a days! People have Groups upon Groups & people add people to these groups, which more people add people to these groups. I get added daily to new Groups, just as well as you may have if your a Friend on Facebook, but I never felt the need to search and contact the creator of a group; ask for permission to post advertisement nor read the Rules, if "any" at all. People, now today have become so disgruntled over who's group it actually is, hmmm FACEBOOK, maybe, saying its "MY GROUP, I CREATED IT, so FOLLOW MY RULES!?!?" Too much work to say in a Globally Free Economy via www.

Question? - How would someone or not know if a person created a "Group" for "Business Purposes, "  at all, rather than the known Facebook, "LIKE" Page? Its just ironic to me that "WE" as the people put so much Faith in these so called Facebook Groups, MySpace pages, Twitter Followers, & other Social Networks which in reality "NO ONE LEGALLY OWNS!" We The People with these so called, "GROUPS" now see other people add "advertisement, promotion, marketing, business, etc." & say oh "Don't Do That, because I DO THAT TOO!" Why, is it because you may see others as a threat of COMPETITION, when I thought in Business, "Competition is Good!?"

Nowadays, everyone is a damn CEO of some part of fallible "business," whether they are or not who am I to comment. What should question most, is if they are receiving any sort of real revenue for their services. IDK (I Don't Know), but (lol)! True business marketing & ethics with a company's business focuses on the 80/20 Rule; where a business will focus more on the 20% that do & or have spent with their company, rather than the 80% that doesn't or never has, or may never will.

Business minded entrepreneur, small business, start up company need to Over-Stand that in this New Social Media Market place that you need to have multiple streams of communication to get the message out; websites, flyers, business cards, advertisement, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, & the millions of Digital Apps to be Effective & Efficient. As Seth Godin once wrote, “If you are not annoying some people, you are not operating close enough to the edge.  The edge is where the money is.”  What is your company doing that is dramatically and meaningfully changing the landscape from what your competitors do & think?  Be truthful with yourself. Is, what you are really doing anything noteworthy – i.e. worth RT-ing, or "Like-ing," about, or as the most profitable of them ALL... Word Of Mouth?

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Thursday, October 20

How Can An Artist Develop Online Fans

It seems pretty much everyone has to have 'some sort' of digital marketing strategy for musicians & small business. I believe a key thing to notice in todays market is the power and relevance of the social communities and a direct-to-fanbase (movement) built around the music/brand. Labels of all sorts are struggling with creative new ways to monetize their operations.

However, today, with so many artists striving for "attention" there's a lot more competition, and many of those musicians don't spend much (if any) time trying to make sure that they really serve the needs of their market, & on-demand communities. Lack of knowledge, understanding, & infrastructure is making it that much more harder for growth in new genres for musicians.

So, to succeed, talent needs to rethink & reinvest in really adding exclusive value to their market genre. That means really listening and responding to the fans, and providing additional content and resources that fit along with a campaign that can easily be related into merchandise.

If you manage to consistently inform fans about exclusive news, it could turn out to be a great 'reason to buy/subscribe'. Fans want to follow information and review new music, plus offer their two cents. Remember, "Exclusivity": fans love to pay to be crowned, "the first one with it!"




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Monday, October 3


Do you need a manager; no LIKE DO YOU REALLY NEED A MANAGER; ask yourself? I ask this question to many of the Artists I encounter coming across this social music industry, & the usual answer is YES, to help me get (1.) MORE SHOWS, & (2.) MONEY.

Is this rational thinking of today's talent, which actually has turned into an Irrational Belief; & more than likely without a Solid Idea of Reason? More than likely... YES! 

Below I Labeled 5 of our 9 REAL Responsibilties a Manager would perform in our "Management Agreement" w/ Talent

Manager’s Services.

(a)    During the terms hereof, Manager agrees to use all reasonable efforts to promote, develop and advance Artist’s professional career and to advise and counsel Artist with respect to all phases of Artist’s career in the entertainment industry, including, with respect to all phases of Artist’s career in the entertainment industry, including, without limitation, and following, to the extent applicable, to:

I.    Advise and counsel in the selection of appropriate musical and other material and with regard to the adoption of the proper format for presentation of Artist’s talents and the determination of proper style, mood, and setting in keeping with Artist’s talents and best interest:
II.    Advise and counsel in any and all matters pertaining to employment, publicity, public relations and advertising;
III.    Analyze and comment upon Artist’s music, physical appearance, wardrobe and other material;
IV.    Advise, counsel and direct in the selection of artistic talent to assist, accompany or embellish Artist’s presentation;
V.    Advise and counsel with regard to general practices in the entertainment industry and with respect to such matters of with Manager may have knowledge concerning compensation and privileges for similar artistic values

Therfore Artist's please renegotiate your Thinking when it comes down to what a True Manager's Responsibility may be. BUT, Please take Note that this is just a brief explanation of details, & is by far no where near the Tip of the Iceburg in Today's Music Market which now comes down to 3 Things ~ (1.) Marketing (2.) Branding (3.) Communication

~ REMEMBER: This Music Market is one of the most Evoling & Changing forms of Business. It is Highly Important to Understand the Communication Forces within Marketing of a Product & or service which is You the Artist. Today's business requires a Proficient, Goal-Orintated, Manager competinent to Think Ahead of the Curve, & Move the Ball Forward!

By: @Shimmy2one6

Need Management - Marketing - Promotion - Social Media Management - Campaign Development - Idea & Knowledge Consultation (Please FOLLOW Us & or BOOK ME at FACEBOOK: Shimmy.Shan



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Friday, August 26

Turn Up Magazine Membership

Get Ready talent...... Turn Up will soon be adding a Membership Organization for THE SERIOUS, GOAL ORIENTATED & AMBITIOUS ARTISTS that are READY 2 TURN UP. Turn Up helps musicians find the music assistance, & mentoring they need to launch a promising music venture. The power of Turn Up lies in its ability to connect and match members of the music entrepreneurial system with a geogenre approach.

- Get Music Reviews from DJs, Promoters, PRs, Marketers, Tastemakers, & more.

- Music Placement

- Email Blasts

- Tools - Resources - Knowledge

- FREE Turn Up T-Shirt

- FREE Business Cards

- Promotional Items

- 20%-50% Discount on Magazine Placement - Marketing - Promotion - Print - Graphic Design - Mobile Marketing & More....

  • Become visible to DJs, Magazines, Websites, Blogs, Street Teams, Promoters, PR, etc. that you might not be exposed to otherwise
  • Find Music Business Mentors willing to offer free business assistance in your music genre
  • Coordinate Service Providers in your area to find the help you need to grow your music career / business
  • Explore resources for music entrepreneurs including music events and articles relevant to starting and growing your music career / business.

4 More Info & on Price for Membership - Call: 216-978-6134 or email


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Sunday, July 24

"How Music Industry Networking Works"

by Dalena Radabaugh
Entertainment Management
December 19, 2003


The key to being successful in the music industry relies heavily on using the correct techniques to network yourself and (or) your artist with the appropriate connections. In this day and age, it's all about who you know. A website titled, "How Stuff Works" describes the proper way to go about making it in the music industry through networking. Here are the main points to consider when networking in the music industry:

The Dos and Don'ts of Networking

Be strategic
Always view situations by thinking about the other person's perspective. When meeting an important person, always ask yourself a few important questions. An example would be, "If you were this person, how would you like to be approached?" Also take into perspective how many people they hand their card out to everyday, and how to increase your chances of being noticed. Be brief in the beginning of the conversation. Let them know exactly what they need to know about yourself and the artist you are managing. After a brief introduction the conversation could last for hours, but even if it doesn't, it is better to have said the important factors instead of wasting their time and yours.

Appreciate assistants
It is very important to never underestimate the power and importance of the assistance of a lower-level person. Sometimes the best way to get a hold of the person you are wanting to reach is by developing a relationship with their assistants. They are the closest connection you have with the person you are trying to reach. The assistant can help immensely by making sure that your information is given more priority on the boss's desk than others. Assistants can be great friends to have, for today's assistants are tomorrow's executives.

Organize your information
Finding a computer program or some sort of method to keep your information organized is a very important step in networking. You will develop many different names for different people in the industry, so be able to keep track of who is a booking agent, CEO, etc. Another great idea is to have a list of people's birthdays, and when it's appropriate, send them a card. It is also a great idea to keep track of their hobbies, family information and names of their assistants.

The appropriate thank you
When someone does a favor for you, or even a nice gesture, don't forget to follow up with the appropriate thank you. In some cases just a card will suffice, but for special occasions, flowers or a bottle of wine are great ways to show your appreciation. This can solidify an excellent future relationship. Be careful when using this tactic, you don't want to look like you are trying too hard. Make sure you actually have a relationship with this person and they will recognize your name.

Communicate Effectively
When just giving information, you do not necessarily need to talk on the phone. Send an email or fax the person the information. This way you are not wasting their time. When you need an answer to a question or you are soliciting an opinion, this is a great time to use the phone. The best way to decipher which method is best is to use your own judgment, for every situation is different.

Targeted Networking
Here is a list of what the members of the music industry are looking for, and a few tips to help the process of networking in each area.  Competition is vital in being successful.  Businesses in the music industry will always be interested in knowing what other companies are interested in your artist, so always keep your options open.  It's very important to stress the word "work" in networking.

  • A&R reps
    Some important things to A&R reps are songs, presentations, appearance, musicianship, performance, vision, personality, popularity and commercial viability. They are the record label talent scouts, thus there are thousands of managers and artists trying to get their attention. When networking with an A&R rep, it is essential to handle the situation correctly. It is important not to call them all the time; being overly pushy will only decrease your chances of recognition. Use your connections within the music industry to contact an A&R rep.
  • Publishers
    Publishers mainly care about songwriting. Many of the same rules used for A&R reps apply to publishers. Your BMI, ASCAP and SESAC artist relations representatives should be informed in this area, and they might be willing to help get you connected with a great publisher.
  • Music lawyers
    The primary concern for music lawyers is your music, your future and interest from other entities in the music business. Asking other bands or managers for recommendations is a great way to go about finding a good music lawyer. If you do not succeed with the first option, always ask for recommendations, and when following up don't forget to include where you received their name.
  • Venues and promoters
    The primary concern of venues and promoters is how many people you will draw in for a show or public appearance. In booking shows, you might be turned down by certain venues, but it never hurts to ask for a reference of where it might be more appropriate to play. This shows your sincerity and interest in performing. Do not include in the conversations how great your artist is. They would rather judge for themselves, or they need to see how many paying customers show up for your artist's show.
  • Music Journalists
    Music journalists are concerned with what makes your artist's story unique. Any writer at a local papers is always approachable, you just have to go about it the right way by using all the dos and don'ts of networking.
  • Record stores and distributors
    The main concern of record stores and distributors is how many records your artist can sell. If you have been successful at selling merchandise at shows and on the Internet, demonstrate this to the people at your local record store. This will improve your chances of the store taking a risk and selling your product or supporting your artist.
  • Networking Resources
    Here are some online resources and magazines that contain information on everything from labels to radio stations to music attorneys.
    • "StarPolish"
    • The Yellow Pages of Rock
    • "Pollstar"
    • Billboard

Adapted from:
Solomon, Michael (2003) "How Music Industry Networking Works,"


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Thursday, May 19

Brand Equity

The music media marketplace has broken into thousands of tiny bits of 0's & 1's and getting the word out is 10x as hard in the past recent years than it is ever today. A companies "Brand Equity" today relies more on getting the right people in place at the right time.

Ask yourself, do you have a brand (product & service) that’s worthy of your fans/customers attention that can provide some value into their lives? How you deliver your brand is just as important as the brand itself that can offer quality, performance, & assurance within a "Label's" (Record / Entertainment / Business) campaign. Companies that can focus on fan/customer experience will do that much better with a promising force that speaks louder than words. Your Brand Investment should have a "Productive Outline" that can produce banging results loud a clear!

P.S. - It's called an Entertainment 'Label' for a reason; the Label is the Brand.


The victory of Success is Half Won when One gains the habit of Setting Goals & Achieving them. ~ OG Mandino 'The Greatest Salesman in the World'

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Thursday, April 28

ARE YOU a Bo$$



Many can not be a Boss, unless they learn from a Bo$$
What defines a Boss? Let's define the word most utilized by the people. Notice when the word is used as a VERB as compared to an ADJECTIVE, and that the word Boss comes from latin decent of Vulgar Latin. **Notice the word Vulgar!
·  Function: noun
·  Etymology: Middle English boce, from Anglo-French, from Vulgar Latin *bottia
·  Date: 14th century
Verb., bossed, boss·ing, boss·es.
1.    To supervise or control. See synonyms at supervise.
2.    To give orders to, especially in an arrogant or domineering manner: bossing us around.
Adjective. Slang. - First-rate; topnotch
Now since we have had a lil teaching of words, then now I can begin to where I am about to go! Lets's GO!!! When using BOSS as a verb then, you have 2 types of Bosses in life, whether male or female, and these 2 types are either Passive (Quit) or Aggressive (Loud). We ALL have Bosses in our life when we work for a company. Now really look how that Boss (Person) acts because of his POSITION held in which is usually governed by another Superior. I must say that some Bosses are quiet, and good listeners while others Bosses are overtly agitated in life, or disgruntled by their Job in which they Boss you at. Think about it for a moment!
Lets now take a look at the Bosses in the streets, that pretty much have never seen a board room; but are much similar to the mafia lifestyle, but with far less organization. LOL. These "people" are still either Passive (Quit) or Aggressive (Loud). Have you ever noticed that the REAL BOSSES in the movies stay quiet while they execute the ones that are overtly aggressive (The Gangsters). Some of this is real life LIVED outside the Hollywood screen, but today's "people" who want to be gangsters are only out to be what they see ...a BOSS themselves. We all know Scarface the movie right? Majority of Gangsters usually end up dead, or in jail!
Please understand that this is modern day society in which we live, but not the society in which WE should live our life! Using the word BOSS as an Adjective in a Slang tense; means First-Rate or Top Notch, in which We ALL ARE First-Rate & Top Notch. Please do believe that "YOU are YOUR OWN BOSS!" Many lack that Inner Boss though within themselves in which they are "Their own BOSS & NOT the Boss of OTHERS LIFE!" What we need is to be The Boss of ourselves 1st. and formost & then we can guide & direct with a Passive Ear & still be a BOSS in which many will listen... whether Good or Bad, but I prefer the latter.

Many can not be a Boss, unless they learn from a Bo$$

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Sunday, March 13



GAME CHANGERS [part1] - Four of Atlantic Records’ most promising acts come together for the label’s new web series

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Monday, February 14

- Preview & Download - Up The Way-Down The Way @DarrenAnthony Remix feat Ray Cash
- Preview & Download - Up The Way-Down The Way @DarrenAnthony Remix feat Ray Cash

'UP THE WAY-DOWN THE WAY - Remix feat Ray Cash' by Darren Anthony

Listen to 'UP THE WAY-DOWN THE WAY - Remix feat Ray Cash' by Darren Anthony

Thursday, January 20

TOP TEN Investments for an Indie Artist

1. BUDGET - Delegate a set amount of money (budget) to your career whether you have JOB or NOT save on Making Your career GREAT.

2. STOP WASTING MONEY - Do you need the NEW PAIR of TENNIS SHOES (Jordans), New Outfits, Marijuana, Beer, Club Parties & Chicken... lol. BUT NO 4 REAL - STOP WASTING MONEY THINGS w/ a Non-Return Value

3. INVEST WISELY - Spend money IN YOURSELF... get a Professional Bio, Press Kit, Pictures, Website, & Definitely Business Cards. Start Small & End up BIG!

4. COLLABORATE - Maybe your NOT a Good performing ARTIST but you can WRITE a HOT SONG. THEN seek to write for a PERFORMING ARTIST. Same things may apply here w/ the PERFORMING ARTIST; maybe your NOT GOOD at WRITING a HOT RECORD them seek to collaborate w/ a HOT WRITER before collaborating w/ another ARTIST. - FYI: PLEASE GET COMPENSATED (PAID) for YOUR WORK.

5. PHOTOGRAPHY - They say a picture is worth a THOUSAND WORDS & IMAGE is EVERYTHING so why waste your money on a non-professional look, image, & or photographer. ALWAYS, & ALWAYS remember that LIGHTING has A LOT to do with photography along w/ photoshop editing to evoke a captivating image. BE WISE & INVEST in a PROFESSIONAL on this ONE. NO EXCUSES!


6. INTERVIEWS - If you have done more SHOWS than you have Interviews then maybe YOU need to seek a PRESS RELEASE, PRESS KIT, & I definitely would recommend seeking a PUBLICIST. Enough is said on that one.

7. COMMUNICATE - Twitter & Facebook along w/ LinkedIN is the new wave of Interacting Social Media & Networking with people. If you want to be professional & meet more professional people than pay attention to WHAT YOU SAY & HOW YOU SAY IT. REMEMBER they say Think before YOU SPEAK; so THINK befoe YOU TWEET in 2011.

8. WEBSITE - You do want to make Money correct? WELL SELL YOUR MUSIC, Pictures, Image, Brand, TOUR, MERCHANDISE on your SITE. MAKE MONEY from YOU... Facebook nor Twitter doesn't provide these opportunities to buy your music DIRECTLY, & MYSPACE is Obsolete aka DEAD! Social Media are Tools, use them 2 build your networks & in return build your networth.

9. TECHNICAL - This may be a SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO, Marketer, etc. along with with a digital designer of say websites, & flyers. Technicians comes in handy to increase Your availability & visibility on the net such as search Engines. (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)

10. CONSISTENCY - Well they say "CONSISTENCY is KEY," but to KNOW the "RIGHT DOOR" to use the KEY in which to turn THE LOCK is the KEY to staying Consistent. - See that's the KEY... which way 2 turn now? Well maybe try turning the KEY to hitting the LINK below to contact me. CHOICE is YOURS NEO? - Matrix

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